Rishi Kapoor passes away in Mumbai hospital struggle with cancer

Rishi Kapoor was an Indian actor, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema. He received the National Film Award. He had won many awards in his name, he was the boy of the famous actor Raj Kapoor of his time, he was born in Mumbai on 4 September 1952. He gave many hits to Bollywood, he was ill with cancer for 2…


Irrfan Khan passes away in Mumbai hospital struggle with cancer 29-4-2020

Irrfan Khan, one of the most beloved stars of Bollywood, who made impressive progress in the West, He was 53 years old and was a good actor of India. 4 or 5 days before his mother also died. He also worked in many Hollywood films with Bollywood. He was admitted to the Emergency Unit Mumbai’s Kokilaben Clinic with colon contamination on Tuesday and an announcement…


ब्लैकपिंक ने तोड़ा ‘गैंगनम स्टाइल’ का रिकॉर्ड

ब्लैकपिंक ने यूट्यूब पर गैंगनम स्टाइल के रिकॉर्ड को तोड़  दिया है  ब्लैकपिंक ने  सबसे कम वक़्त में यूट्यूब पर 10 करोड़ व्यूज़ हासिल किये  है kill this love ने सिर्फ २४ घंटे मैं इस गाने ने 56 मिलियन बार देखा गया यह एक महिला बैंड है जो २०१६ मैं बना था इस गाने को जिसने गया है उन Singers के नाम है जिसू जेनी रोज़ लीसा